Phuentenchu Primary School

Phuentenchu Primary School

Name of the school   :    Phuentenchu Primary School

Year of Establishment  : 15th June 2008 (reopened) actually established in 1969)

Location                     :  Phuentenchu

Area                            : 15.22 acres

Classes Offered         : PP-VI

Total Students           : 171

  • Male       :           91
  • Female   :           80

Total Teachers          :  9                          

                    Male      :   4

  •      Female        :  5

Support Staff            : 2

Royal Visits               : Visited in 2018 June 2nd

Infrastructure and facilities

  1. Two classroom blocks with three rooms each
  2. One Block administrative block with
    1. Principal office
    2. Staff room
    3. Store
    4. Counselling room
  3. Two old Blocks for
  1. MPH
  2. Prayer hall
  3. Three old staff quarters

       4. Academic toilets (1 with three units for boys and 1 with three units for girls)

    1. One staff toilet (One unit for male and one unit for female)
  1. One foot ball ground
  2. One Basketball courts
  3. One Mani Dungkhor (Prayer wheel)
  4. One acre of Agriculture Field

History of the school

Phuentenchu Pry School was closed in the 1990s and was re-opened on 15th June, 2008.Since then, the school caters to the children of five Chiwogs namely Tashicholing, Peljorling, Norbuthang, shershong and Tongshingang comprising mixed culture because of new resettlement. After the re-opening the first batch of class VI with 19 students, graduated in 2013. At present there are two NFE centers attached to the school namely Tashicholing Center and Peljorling center with less than 10 students each.

It is one of the oldest schools that are in need of a major renovation. And also it is one of the remotest schools under Tsirang Dzongkhag which is officially at a two days walking distance. It is located on the same ridge of Tsirangtoe Lower Secondary School.

The school has a total area of 15.22 acres as preschool thram No.74 and 76.It has about 2 acres of orange orchard and asparagus orchard apart from land used by different houses for agriculture garden.

Some of the alumni of this school are working as teachers, contractor, engineer, technical and finance personnel while others as Sherubtse graduates working in key post in the civil service.