HR Section

HR Section


” A dynamic and professional civil service committed to promoting Good Governance in pursuit of Gross National Happiness.”


  • Ensure an independent and apolitical civil service that will discharge its public duties and services in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner.
  • Ensure that civil servants render professional service guided by the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Ensure that uniform rules and regulations on recruitment, appointment, staffing, training, transfers and promotion prevail throughout the civil service.
  • Continue to maintain a small, compact and an efficient Civil Service that is merit based.
  • Enhance Civil Service capacity through Human Resource Development Programs.
  • Maintain Up-to-date personnel information on all civil servants.
  • Pursue the goals of the Institute of Civil Service Record.

Services delivered by the HR services

  1. Recruitment: ( GSP and ESP)
  2. Promotion services
  3. Training services
  4. Transfer services
  5. Disciplinary action taken against officials
  6. Contract extension and renewal of school teacher
  7. Placement of new staff