The vision of the Department of Civil Registration and Census (DCRC) is delivering civil registration and census related services of the highest standard and quality to the citizen of Bhutan.


  • To develop and maintain accurate database on all citizens and Special Residence Permit (SRP) holders.
  • To enhance and simplify the citizenship identity cards, SRP and other nationality documents issuance system.
  • To improve and deliver customer care services through the optimal use of information, communication and technology.
  • To maintain and generate complete demographic data through an automated system

Services delivered by the Civil registration and census

  1. Birth Registration

  2. Death reporting

  3. Changing the head of household

  4. CID/Special residence permit card processing

  5. Obtaining of household and family details

  6. Replacement of CID/SRP cards

  7. Name change and date of birth correction in CID

  8. Census transfer within Gewog or Dzongkhag or other inter-Dzongkhag

  9. Census appeal cases(Census drop-out cases (DO); Census up-gradation(UG); Absconded(AB); Emigrant(EM))

  10. Issuance of Relationship Certificate