School At a Glance

1.Name of the school: Goini PS

2.Village: Lhamoiloongm

3.Geog: Doonglagang


5.Year of establishment: 1969(reopened in 2007)

6.Tharm no.:         Area: 5.82 acres

7.Number of students:

        Boys:  106      Girls: 88

8.Number of teachers:

         Male:  8       Female:  3

9.Number of Supporting staff

          Male:   1       Female:  2

10.Class range:  PP- VI

11.Number of sections:  7

12.Number of school going age  children enrolled in PP: 27

13.Number of school going age 6-12 children not enrolled:  nil

14.Number of repeaters

          Boys:  6         Girls:  2

15.Number of drop outs

          Boys:  0           Girls: 0

16.Road access: Yes (farm road)

17.Category: Remote

18.   School Status: Day School


To provide quality education to a child to be happy, productive, creative and sociable


Create green atmosphere for the child to develop and train his/her mind, soul and body emotionally, intellectually, morally, physically for the growth of one self and fellow mates

Gist of the school:

The construction of the building was done in early 1970’s and academic session began in 1973. Mr Jigme Zangpo was the first principal. The school was closed in 1990 due to 90’s problem. Mr Thinley Dorji was the last principal. The school remained closed till 2006. It was reopened in March 2007 with Mr Lobzang Dorji as the principal. School now has classes from PP-VI

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