Shemjong Primary School

Shemjong Primary School

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Shemjong Primary School is located in the heart of Shemjong gewog. The school has total area of 5.47 acres and it is officially 21 kilometers from Dzongkhag headquarter.

Until 1966, there was no school in the gewog though its need was felt by the public. Thus in 1967, a Lhotsham medium school was privately opened through public contribution with 70 students. It all began in a thatched hut on a small dry land acquired from the public.

To begin, a teacher was recruited from Kilkorthang with monthly payment of Nu.1 and half kilogram of rice per child. This system went on for two years but it came difficult for the public to sustain the Lhotsham medium school. And in 1969, Royal government formally took over the school which gave birth to Shemjong Primary School.

The school began its regular teaching in the same year with 120 learners in kindergarten. Mr.T.N Sharma was the first Headmaster to run English medium school. The school was taken care by the gewog administration when it was closed for about 14 years.

Due to repeated request from the former Gup Mr. Lhakpa Tshering Tamang and the community of shemjong, the Dzongkhag reopened the school in 2005 with Mr. Thinley Dorji as the teacher in-charge. Despite the huge admission pressure, the school could take in only 42 students due to acute shortage of teachers.

Currently the School has classes from PP-VI and some students walk more than 1 hours to reach the school. This is the main obstacles for the students to engage in co-curricular activities after the school.

The Head Masters/Principals in chronological order:

Mr. T.N Sharma                                                1967-1979

Mr.K.B Pradhan                                               1979-1982

Mr.R.R Ram                                                     1983-1984

Mr.S.K.Chaudary (in-charge)                         1985

Mr.S.L Sharma (in-charge)                             1986-1987

Mr.B.R Sundas                                                1988-1989

Mr.Sangay Wangdi                                         1990

Mr.Thinley Dorji                                            2005-2010

Mr.Cheten Wangchuk                                    2011-…..