Public Notification by Livestock Sector

Public Notification by Livestock Sector

Notification Period:
13 September 2022

Public Notification

With the immense support from all stakeholders, Tsirang Dzongkhag in collaboration with Desuung Office has  successfully completed the COMBING of NADPM&RCP (Nationwide Accelerated Dog Population Management and Rabies Control Program). The Dzongkhag is preparing to declare 100% achievement of Stay Dog Sterilization. In the meantime the Dzongkhag administration notifies the general public to contact the livestock sector if you come across  any un-notched  (without ear cut) and un-neutered dogs in your locality.  You may contact us@ Dzongkhag Livestock Officer@17692064 and/or Veterinary Officer@77465736


The presence/record of any un-neutered/un-notched dog in your locality during our confirmatory survey will be liable to penalty as per  the Livestock Act 2001 and Livestock Rules and Regulations 2017.


Dzongkhag Administration