Dzongkhag Service Desk setup in Tsirang Dzongkhag

Dzongkhag Service Desk setup in Tsirang Dzongkhag

This is to inform general public that Dzongkhag Administration has set up Dzongkhag Service Desk to assist our public in availing the services from the Dzongkhag in a convenient manner. The Dzongkhag currently deliver the services like census, land and environment clearance. 

Dzongkhag Service Desk is setup in the Dzong near the entrance. In order to deliver the services effectively and efficiently through the service desk the administration identified two service operators. Dzongkhag Service Desk provide the services as follow:

1. Forms are available.

2. Operator will help you to fill up the Form.

3. Operator will escort you to the office, if you are new to the Dzongkhag Administration.

4. Operator will let you know the Officer that you want to meet is in the office or on tour/leave.

5. Drinking water is available.

After you availed the service, you can help us by filling up the feedback form so that we can learn from your feedback and improve our Help Desk service.

For further details you may contact the following officials Mr.Tshering Dorji, Coordinator #17609150 Mrs.Singye Wangmo, Operator #17538400 Mrs.Tshendu Choden, Operator #17293220

Service Desk Office

Service Desk

Service Desk

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